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Using storytelling as a conduit to Connect, Educate, and Empower individuals and organizations

About Us

About Us

184 Ross Coaching and Consulting, LLC is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion education, experiences, and empowerment opportunities. The firm uses storytelling and critical conversations to connect to educational materials and empower clients. 184 Ross Coaching and Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations increase their cultural competence, foster inclusive excellence, and become equity-minded.


What We Specialize In

Consulting Sessions


Executive Coaching

Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment

Trainings and Workshops

Keynote Addresses

Who We Are

Since 2014, 184 Ross Coaching and Consulting has delivered engaging and educational consulting and coaching experiences for a variety of audiences:

  • corporations

  • K-12 schools

  • higher education institutions

  • non-profit organizations

  • religious associations

We specialize in facilitating cultural conversations and workshops with small and large audiences tailored to discuss a multiplicity of subjects on the following anti-racism, belonging, diversity, inclusion, inclusive language, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, power and privilege, and race.

Participants will receive skills and strategies to assist in understanding multiple perspectives and promote a culture of belonging.

We Are Accepting Virtual Consultations

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184 Ross is the street where I spent most of my formative years learning from my great grandmother, young parents, a community of elders, younger sister, and “play” aunts and cousins. My community taught me what it means to belong, how to deal with hardships and discrimination with tenacity and grit, and despite living on the “wrong” side of the tracks, it showed me what it means to support and uplift each other. I learned about how our identities intersect and contribute to how we see and experience the world.


184 Ross is where I was rooted in faith, family, and love. It is where I first was introduced to the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion before learning that these concepts were a “thing.” 184 Ross is the heart of me, and the lessons learned on that street are the foundation of how our company leads, encourages, and supports others in their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Our Story
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